Adbor Adbor

The Company

We are the manufacturer of goods for children such us: strollers, dolls' prams, swings and sledge.

The company ADBOR has been existing in the domestic and foreign markets since 1981. We spare no effort to combine our long-lasting experience with the latest design so that our customers can all the time be sure that they made a right choice. The large scale of our manufacture is proved by the fact that we are present in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia as well as in Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia or Czech Republic. We hope that goods manufactured by us will gain your recognition and ADBOR brand will always be present in your home and will only be associated with the high-quality workmanship.


ADBOR is a company with long-lasting tradition. Our customers can choose out of a vast range of designs, models and colors. There is a possibility to fill an individual orders for wholesale customers. As a standard we offer comfort and reliability of each single good that we manufacture.


All goods are manufactured in accordance with European standards: PN-EN 1888 (as for prams/buggies) and PN-EN 71-8 (pertaining to toys safety). On account of the manufacture scale the majority of constroction pieces are produced by our company. In the remaining cases we use parts delivered by reliable suppliers, who have been cooperating with us many years, what makes us sure about the highest quality goods they deliver.