- dedicated to ADBOR brand strollers


  • buggy board weight: 2,6 kg
  • buggy board in the box weight: 2,85 kg


Our buggy board is dedicated for families with at least two children. During a walk the child, that doesn’t driver in the stroller, can travel standing on the buggy board fastened to the stroller. In this way the child can rest and you don’t have to take breaks. Our buggy board has versatile fastening system that fits to the most of strollers with vertical frames “legs”.


  • dedicated to following strollers’ models: Ottis, Zipp, Nemo, Fortte, Marsel PerFor Sport, Gato
  • fits to the most of strollers with vertical frames “legs”
  • buggy board  is suitable for children weighting: up to 20 kg
  • the child travels ONLY in a standing position
  • the buggy board can be used at the same time by ONLY ONE child
  • easy fastening system
  • possible assemby in the buggy ONLY with the seat fastened in the rear-facing position
  • adapts to the child’s height by adjusting length and width of connectors and their angle of inclination
  • buggy board connectors can be fastened from inside or outside of the frame “legs” (dependently from the frame “legs” spacing and ONLY under the condition that connectors will not be touching wheels during travelling)
  • made from the best quality materials
  • amortized wheels
  • non-slip surface of the board
  • when you don’t use the buggy board you can fasten it to the stroller’s handle using a special fastening tape