Weight (each part):
  • frame with wheels: 10,0 kg
  • stroller's seat: 5,5 kg
  • carrycot: 4,5 kg
  • car seat: 3,0 kg
Dimensions after folding (frame with wheels):
  • width: 0,63 m
  • length: 0,84 m
  • height: 0,37 m


  • Modern aluminum frame
  • Swivel (360 degrees) pneumatic front wheels with a lock function to travel straight-ahead
  • Easy to fix pneumatic rear wheels with central braking system
  • "CLICK" system for fastening stroller's elements to the frame
  • Parking sysrem
  • A carrycot, a stroller's seat, a car seat can be fixed in rear or forward-facing position
  • Handle and a bumper bar covered by eco-leather
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Backrest regulation in a stroller's seat and a carrycot
  • Harness: five-point harness in the stroller's seat and three-point harness in the car seat
  • Ventilation in the booth
  • Detachable cover for legs in a carrycot, a stroller's seat and a car seat
  • Footrest regulation in the stroller's seat
  • NEWS: mattress in the carrycot made of grooved foam what provides better ventilation
  • The new shopping basket that ensures easy access and the ability to enlarge it when needed

In a set

  • Bag fastened at a handle
  • Rain-cover and a mosquito net for the stroller
  • Mug's holder

Available colors